Lots of people have issues with oily greasy hair, and a common misconception is that an oily scalp causes greasy hair. Greasy hair is usually caused by a dry scalp in which excessive oil is produced in the oil glands.

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What is greasy hair?

An oily or greasy hair is described as the amount of sebum (natural oil) that is visible on the hair.

Does your hair stick to your head, look dirty and oily even though you just washed it the previous day? It can be so embarrassing in public as people might think you haven’t bathed for days or you never bothered washing your hair.

Ever asked yourself-“why is my hair oily or greasy?” Oily hair can seem lank, dull oily, and lifeless- It can also appear flat and heavy, and refusing to stay fresh and clean; does this really describe your hair?

Then this informative article is for you, keep reading as you discover some solid advice for keeping oily hair at bay. Oily Greasy hair can be frustrating, especially when your hair is clean.

Causes of Greasy Hair

  1. Androgens. Androgens are hormones that can cause oily hair by stimulating the sebaceous glands. And this will cause them to be very active and then lead to excessive production of sebum and resulting in excessive sebum in the hair. Androgens are present in men and women even though they are male hormones but are higher in men.


  1. Fluctuating hormones. Because hormones play a part in sebum production; fluctuating hormones can cause greasy hair. Oily hair is common in women because of hormone fluctuations, either by monthly cycle or pregnancy, menopause in aged women, and puberty in teenagers. Also, since stress is known to affect hormones levels, it can be a contributory factor in oily greasy hair.


  1. Washing your hair too frequently. This can cause excessive production of sebum as frequent washing of the hair can strip your hair of its natural oils. Through vigorous scrubbing of the scalp and hair while washing sebaceous glands can be stimulated.


  1. Excessive usage of styling products can also cause hair to look oily/greasy as these products can accumulate at the hair roots.


  1. Vigorous hair brushing and over touching your hair can also cause greasy hair as your hands might have contacted lots of things during the day; germs and oil on your hand and then your transfer to your hair.

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  1. Diets. Yes, diet can cause your hair to be greasy. Lots of western foods that tend to be high in fat and sugar, oil, containing additive and also processed; can be a significant cause of an oily hair as their high oil (fat) content in this meals increases the oil levels on and in the skin. Also, any diets which lack Vitamin B can lead to greasy hair.

How To Get Rid Of Oily Hair (How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Overnight)

  1. Daily Shampooing

Shampooing on a daily basis is recommended and advisable. However, the type of hair product used is essential. Harsh products will trigger the sebaceous glands to produce excessive oil; using the wrong shampoo is useless when shampooing do not give your scalp a vigorous massage. Also, if dandruff is associated with your oily hair, you can go for anti-dandruff shampoo containing coal tar.

how to get rid of greasy hair overnight, what is greasy hair, how to get rid of oily hair

Go for organic shampoo as they contain ingredients that balance the skin metabolism and then regulate the production of sebum.

  1. Watch your food.

Your diet affects your whole body, including oil production level of the skin and scalp. A diet that is rich in fat and Carbohydrate will lead to an oily skin which will then extend to hair follicles and then to strand of hair.

You should eat a balanced diet of healthy carbohydrates and fats- and also reduce fatty processed foods.

  1. Reduce Blow Drying.

Please do your best to reduce the number of times you blow-dry your hair. The reason is that the heat that was produced during the process of blow-drying can cause the pores on the scalp to enlarge and release oil.

You can reduce the chances of too much oil production if you can control the blow-drying routines of your hair.

  1. Reduce styling hair products.

Unfortunately, a lot of products used for hair styling trap dirt and oil, therefore causing an accumulation of greasy substances on the hair.

Lots of hair styling products such as mousses, hair creams, gels, and some other ingredients can contribute to the accumulation of hair oil. Try to see if you can do without these hair products, if possible. We recommend you limit the use of hair products and when you use them, ensure that you rinse your hair before bed.

  1. Stay away from products with silicon

Lots of products such as conditioners, creams, styling products, and shampoos are produced with silicon. Silicon helps to smooth hair and make it shiny.

You should stay away from products ending in “cone”- Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Amodimethicone, they are silicon like, and they can accumulate on the hair and make it look oily and dirty.

Also, silicones can prevent good moistures from passing through your hair shaft.

  1. Try dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is one of the simplest solutions. You need to try this miraculous product. Dry shampoo can definitely give a person an extra day between washes.

It has a simple procedure for application- just spray this product on your roots. Wait a few minutes, rub it gently, and brush your hair properly. To avoid irritation wash your hair the next day as it dries out your hair.


Oily hair may occur naturally or as resulting from other causes; as it begins to recur, it should be put in check.

Remember always to clean your brush. By following all these simple tips (how to get rid of oily hair, how to get rid of greasy hair overnight), you will see improvement in your hair. To have permanent results, you must not discontinue taking good care of your hair.

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