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In this podcast, I chat with scientist and friend Dr. Bill Campbell about training volume. There’s a recent trend in the fitness space that more volume is always better. Is that always true, though? And if you do want to increase your volume, what’s the best way to do it? You’re going to learn all that and more in this interview. 

In case you’re not familiar with Dr. Campbell, he’s a professor of Exercise Science and the Director of the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory at the University of South Florida, who’s also published more than 150 scientific papers. He also recently started a research review in which he examines scientific papers and breaks them down into simple, actionable takeaways. 

In other words, Dr. Campbell has long been behind the scenes, conducting research on practical, fitness-related matters and helping people apply the latest findings to get us more jacked.

In this interview, Bill and I talk about . . .

  • The right way to count volume (sets, tonnage, etc.)
  • The practical limits of increasing volume (and how to increase volume the right way)
  • The utility of “test days” and training to failure every so often
  • The drawbacks of training to failure (especially for athletes)
  • Why rest times between sets matter
  • How to count indirect volume for muscle groups 
  • And more . . .

So, if you want to learn what the latest science says about training volume and if you should adjust your workout programming, don’t miss this episode! 


0:00 – Legion VIP One-on-One Coaching:

00:09 – Can you tell us about your research review?

3:50 – Where can people find that?

4:16 – Does more volume help you build more muscle?

9:47 – What are some of the drawbacks of the tonnage method?

13:04 – What are your thoughts on the studies that conclude that more and more volume is better?

20:44 – In this study, were there instances where the individualized leg grew more than the non individualized leg?

24:43 – What are your thoughts on increasing volume relative to where you’re at? Is there a ceiling to potential muscle growth that volume can stimulate?

31:09 – At what point is it not practical to increase volume per week?

36:24 – Why do you suggest training to around 3 reps left as opposed to training to failure?

43:04 – What are your thoughts on shorter rest times in between sets to save time?

45:54 – Why do we need to rest for 3 minutes in between hard sets?

48:23  – What is a good method to increasing volume and why would a person want to?

52:18 – Can you elaborate on decreasing and increasing volume?

54:52 – How should people choose between a direct or indirect volume training program?

1:02:08 – Is there anything you would like to mention?

1:05:03 – Where can we find you and your work?

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