Bananas Bananas! Candy
Inspired by the frozen “Gone Bananas!” treat (good) at TJ’s, this is chocolate shaped like bananas with crunchy cacao nibs and banana “crème,” whatever that is. These are fun to share to see who hates them and who “actually likes them.” I was surprised at how nicely the bananas were balanced by chocolate, delighted by the crunch of cacao, but not tempted to go back for another. 

Blood Orange Cake Mix
If you buy this, I recommend adding an extra egg and, instead of water, try buttermilk, watered-down yogurt or sour cream, milk, expired milk, etc. That way it has more moistness and flavor. This cake has the unsettling complexion of an Oompa Loompa (1971 version) and tastes like a Creamsicle. It’s cartoonishly sweet. I wish they’d thrown in a little bag of dried blood orange slices—which they know how to make since they have all kinds in the nut aisle—to decorate the top. But no one ever asks me! 

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